Chanel, is that you?

Like many, I spend countless hours browsing the internet. Beautiful photos, funny memes and outfit photos grabbing my attention, to name a few.

One thing that is undeniably hard to miss on the good ol’ internet is the never ending stream of designer handbags that grace so many outfits. Many a designer bag has caught my eye and I always take a moment to appreciate what they do to an outfit. They have the ability to elevate the most basic of outfits to something special.

Yet I don’t own a designer bag, nor do I plan on doing so anytime in the near future. (Unless someone wants to drop a Stella Mccartney bag on my doorstop, that would be great)

To explain further, saving for one isn’t on top of my priority list right now for things to fund.

So, I work on finding another way of funding my designer bag void.

Hello dupes! 🙂

If I find a designer bag  that I’ve fallen in love with, I aim to find a highstreet dupe to give me the same feels.  This way I can create the outfits I love, without spending a fortune.

This brings me to my new bag, which has my questioning ‘Chanel, is that you’?

I saw this beauty on Asos and as soon as I spotted her I knew she would be the perfect addition to my not so designer collection. The quilted detail, gold hardware and chain strap gives me all the chanel vibes that I need, and this bag feels a little special everytime I wear it. It really is the perfect dupe if you aren’t able to get your hands on the real thing.

I’ve also spotted one that has similar features and channels that chanel class on Zara, which I’m tempted to get my hands on. Because you can never have too many Chanel inspired bags! So watch this space… 🙂

Bag – Asos


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