Topshop Spring Layering

A weekend well spent brings a week of content, and what a weekend it’s been. My days have been spent lounging, eating, spending quality time with family and most satisfying – spring cleaning. Wild one aren’t i?

But as you can see, seasons have well and truly changed since my last visit here so a little re-fresh of my wardrobe has been on the cards for a while and I’m excited to get some new spring/summer content uploaded.

However although we may be edging nearer to Summer I’m still holding on to those spring days, my favourite season of all, I don’t really begin to acknowledge Summer until the start of July.

Sadly the UK has other ideas and doesn’t have much loyalty to the changing seasons. Giving us little guarantee of  the weather one week to the next, however new  spring pieces and lighter layering has bought some welcomed change to my wardrobe.
To totally contradict that, this outfit is made up of new items!  Reminding of why I love my wardrobe basics so much regardless of season.
The black Jamie jeans save me through countless ‘I don’t know what to wear’ moments, the t-shirt is my all time favourite topshop one  and is holding up pretty well, and the cardigans are back out in full force! Which makes me happier than you know. To finish it all off is my Asos belt and handbag.
So yeah, a spring outfit. Which isn’t very spring at all haha. However have no fear, the weather forecast reckons sun this week, so the pins may make an appearance!

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