Slouchy Cardigans, Denim Shorts and Slogan T-shirts.

No matter the weather my outfit never feels complete without that last layering item, which is why generally I find dressing for the cooler months so much easier. But then sun and warmth and long light evenings. Oh I don’t know. Regardless of my conflicting feels towards the seasons  I can’t get enough of cardigans, ESPECIALLY this one.
I’m sure everyone else is sick of it by now and I have definitely worn it way too much, but I have no plans of stopping just yet. It’s so slouchy, and looks so cool (ok maybe not on me) and effortless  casually chucked over denim.
Although it is in desperate need of a good de-bobbling now!
So I’ve been making the most of the ‘cooler’ summer days with outfits like this, and a slogan tee, denim shorts and comfy cardigan is defienelty an outfit formula on repeat for me.

Cardigan: Asos | Tshirt : Topshop | Shorts: Topshop | Shoes: Asos | Bag: Asos

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